Two women... Three nationalities... 5 children... Half a world away... The same BIG problem!!!


Meet Nicci and Kirsten, school friends from Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010 Nicci married Tim from Australia and they now have three children. In 2013 Kirsten married Nick from England and they now have two. Everything was going fine until the question of “Which country will our children support in sport?” came up. Of course Nicci and Kirsten wanted their kids to wear South African colours but Tim and Nick had other ideas.

There could only be one solution; a jersey designed especially for kids that was 50% one country and 50% another. And with that, the idea for Global Tots was born.

Global Tots manufactures custom designed jerseys "4 Mixed Up Kids" i.e. where Mum and Dad are different nationalities. Our primary product is called the '50:50 Jersey', that is a jersey that is half the national colours of one country and half the national colours of another country. For Nicci's tribe; Jack, Evie and Archie, this is Australia and South Africa; for Kirsten's dynamic duo; Leo and Zaccie, it's South Africa and England. And in fact the number of friends that we know who have, or are planning to have "Mixed Up Kids" is quite remarkable. I guess we can blame cheap airfares, gap years and Contiki tours for this!!!

So if this is you and your family, or you know people who have or are having "Mixed Up Kids" then please check out this website. We hope to launch a full range of products such as caps, scarves, baby onesies, bags etc. But it all has to start somewhere that somewhere is right here with the '50:50 Jersey'.

Kids sport clothing for dual nationalities